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Super Moon Yin Workshop

Super Moon Yin Celebration :: SOLD OUT

On it’s own, Yin Yoga is a restorative, recharging and super chilled practice (in contrast to the active yang flow yoga) that targets meridians, fascia and tissue. Pair Yin with a Full Moon and it’s an amazing chance to manifest and create, at a time of great potency!

There’s a reason that so much healing goes on around full moon cycles (those goddess circles know where it's at!). During the time of the Full Moon we see things as they are - theres on more hiding! The veils are lifted, we are in full light and potential is abundant.

Join us in this 2.5 hour masterclass, where we’ll start with gentle movement to ground us, meditation techniques to settle us, and then dive into divine yin poses to help us open, let go and step up.

We’ll explore the Lung + Large Intestine meridians as we give ourselves permission to be who we are, where we are, all wrapped up in the teachings of self compassion.

Where: Sona Yoga Randwick
What: 2.5 hours of bliss, letting go, and filling up.
11am - 1:30pm on Saturday 7 May

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