Stop Overwhelm Meditation

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Stop Overwhelm Meditation


Ever have one of those days where it's all just a bit... hard? Depression, anxiety, or just blue days - they come and they go, but it's nice to be held in those times. It's calming to release. It's heart-filling to just be. So come... carve out some space and time to breathe with me.

Stop Overwhelm is a 16 minute guided meditation, that's perfect for those days when you're struggling a little or lacking motivation. This is a super simple practice that incorporates wisdom, breathing and visualisations, and it’s suitable for all levels.

It's time now to exhale.

*THIS IS A DIGITAL AUDIO DOWNLOAD, and it must be downloaded and saved within 24 hours of purchase.


What people say about Stella:

"Your meditation is like taking a dose of love! Instantaneous heart warming :) Thank you!" (Gen)

"We had such a delightful time, Stella. So relaxing and refreshing. Thank you. It is a precious gift that you bring to your classes." (Anna)

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