Spring Yin UNWIND Workshop


Spring Yin UNWIND Workshop


Feel like you need a refresh for the new season ahead?

This 2hour workshop is inviting you to unravel those Winter shackles, and harness the new, exuberant energy of Spring. Whether you're keen for an overall refresh, or you're keen to birth a new project, this workshop will help you create new beginnings for the new season ahead. It's a "welcome-back" to light time, so come set yourself up right!

We'll pay particular attention to the Liver and Gall Bladder TCM meridians - your Spring element energy pathways. And yes, we may be bringing in new vibrancy, but in true Yin-style, we'll get there by slowing down. Think juicy long-held poses, powerful guided meditations and visualisations, and active breathwork to support connecting to our inner wisdom and intuition.

What you'll get:

- 2 hours of one-on-one attention and yin yoga in an intimate venue, tailored to the Spring season.

- This workshop is slow and supportive, with lots of props, so is suitable for all levels. Everything is provided - you just bring yourself!

- Receive take-home notes to continue your practice at home! Plus goodies to treat yourself and top up your heart, like sequences, playlists, and nibbles.

- Walk out feeling full again, and ready to step into your life!

If you want to unwind from Winter and reset for the end-of-year run, this delicious workshop is everything you need.

It's time to exhale, and come home. 


Details: The Yoga Shala at Balmain Health Club, 22 Crystal Street, Rozelle

When: Friday 2 November, 6:30-8:30pm

Exchange: $65



This is a final sale. No refunds available but you can submit a request to transfer your service to someone else by emailing shinyyoga@gmail.com

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