ONLINE COURSE: Yoga for Anxiety & Stress

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ONLINE COURSE: Yoga for Anxiety & Stress

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Feel happier. Find calm.

We all know yoga is good for us, especially in the dark months of Winter – but do you ever feel a little anxious as you bolt from work, and battle the traffic, to fit yet another appointment into your already jampacked schedules? It can seem impossible, and that relaxing yoga class can suddenly become just another stressful event. 

Imagine instead your own private yoga & meditation teacher, in the comfort of your own home, at any time of the day or night. Guiding you, supporting you, encouraging you.

This online yoga and meditation course is for all busy, modern humans who could use an extra dash of calm in their hectic lives. And it’s all available at a simple press of the “play” button.

- Do your meditations on the train on the way to work, and start your day off right. 
- Find 15 minutes in the evening, before climbing into bed, to ease into a gentle yoga practice and completely unwind the tension of the day.
- Take a break on the weekend to sit on a picnic rug in the park, with your takeaway cuppa, and breathing fully – perhaps for the first time all week. 

You pick the times and the days.
You pick the practice (or follow the suggested timetable – no pressure either way).
Your own space, your own time, your own schedule.

What you'll learn in this course:
- this digitally-delivered course will offer gentle and therapeutic yoga practices and poses (asana) to help release stress, and activate the rest + relax response of our nervous system. These will help to calm jittery nerves and combat fatigue
- breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation techniques to allow a calm body and positive mind. These powerful strategies can be used anywhere and anytime to relieve irritability, and balance emotions.
- modern and specific practices based on the principles of yoga and evidence-based scientific research, that offer real relief for difficult feelings. These compassionate practices combat anxiety, bring relief from hopelessness.

What resources and guidance will I receive?
Each week on this course, starting in June, you will receive:
- A weekly ‘at home’ yoga and movement practice – think mellow flows, yin yoga and gentle movement to calm the nervous system
- A weekly on-the-go breathing technique to ease overwhelm
- A weekly meditation audio including guided relaxation, visualisation.
Content will be delivered over multiple formats - audio, video, handouts. 

- Find Calm course packet including Weekly journal prompts, guides and resources to dive deeper into self care
- Meditation basics & breathwork video
- 1 x yoga nidra / body scan meditation to help sleep and drop down when insomnia hits
- playlists 

In addition to dropping into your inbox each week, and into your earbuds each day (if you want!), you’ll have direct access to your yoga teacher (me!) throughout the period of the course! Any questions, thoughts, help with practices – I’m an email away!

How does it work? 
Week-by-week we will build a yoga toolkit with powerful strategies to nourish our nervous system, and our hearts. 
Practically, throughout the week you'll receive emails from me, right to your inbox, with new practices, themes and meditations. All you need to do is press play.

We will all be working through the program together in real time, but there's no pressure to keep up with anyone's schedule - the content is yours to keep forever, so you can return to it when you need.

On completion of this course you'll feel well equipped to take these practices home with you, and maintain a lifelong habit of self care.

Self compassion. Gentleness. Mellow movement. Meditation. Come and find calm again. Open for all levels.


When: the online course starts early June 3, and runs for 4 weeks. The content is yours to keep forever (!!) so there's no pressure to complete it all by a certain date - you can do the classes/practices in your own time.

Where: right to your inbox! (so you'll need an email address and online connection for this course)

Exchange: early bird rate of $55 is available now - full price is $70

Queries? email me at xo


Please note, due to the digital nature of this course, this is a final sale. No refunds are available. Please read the info carefully and reach out to me at with any questions, to ensure this is right for you.  xo

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