Owning your story is one of the bravest things you'll ever do, and when you get honest - really, amazingly honest - things begin to shift. To do this, you've got to show up for self-care, and great self-care is completely within reach when you've got support all around you.  

So if you're ready for shifting, or even just ready to begin liking yourself again, a one-on-one Yoga + Meditation session is just what you need.

Yoga is a generous and kind path to help you stand in your true self, to stand UP for yourself, and to be your own biggest, most caring and compassionate fan.  Our work together will combine the ancient principles of the science of yoga, wrapped up with modern coaching techniques, and you'll receive practices designed specifically for you.

You'll swiftly see some 'outside' benefits - a stronger body, balanced breath, more energy and passion for life. But the inside goodies you'll unpack - although subtler - are where the real jewels lie: a calmer mind, more fulfilling relationships, deep deep happiness and a sense of feeling 'enough' -  all from a shiny heart space.

The underlying principles I work with are wide and varied, combining the teachings of my own teachers - Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga, Mark Breadner of YogaCoach,  and Mel Mclaughin of The Yin Space. I heavily intertwine yin yoga foundations in my one-on-one sessions, which are based on the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. I also include self-compassion teachings, inspired by Kristen Neff's phenomenal work in this field.

PLEASE NOTE: My books are currently full, but reach out and I'll be in touch when space opens up. 



Our potential is inherent - you exist, therefore you matter

There is a direct link between our body and our mind

All of us have things that
limit us

You can't selectively numb

Vulnerability is not weakness

There is enough for all of us

Fill your cup - and let the overflow fill others



Our sessions will deliver you a unique program designed specifically to your needs. We’ll work with the body, mind and spirit, questionnaires, and coaching to then create tailored practices and a lifestyle program that’s specific and targeted for you.

Sessions are face-to-face in Sydney (Balmain area) or via Skype if you're elsewhere. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the first session.


Like any dedicated practice, the more willing you are to look at your ‘stuff’ and commit to the process, the greater the change you’ll see. 

The package works over 3 sessions (with the option to continue on indefinitely) at $130 a session, paid upfront.
One off private sessions are available at $150 a session.

* please allow up to 90 minutes for the first session, and 60 minutes for each session following
* In addition to your sessions there are emails, check-in’s and materials provided

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations within 24 hours see 100% of the session investment forfeited. All purchased packages/classes have a 6 month expiry from date of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: My books are currently full, but reach out and I'll be in touch when space opens up.